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The Illuminati Destruction of America

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THE ILLUMINATI DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA spans topics like the Illuminati, The Federal Reserve, Common Law, The War of Independence?, Founding
Fathers, Welfare, Social Security?, WWII. You won't be able to keep
yourself from questioning and fearing. If half of this is true, we're in
big trouble.
Wars should be instigated and orchestrated so that both sides would be
in their debt (in other words, the conspirators would gain profit and
power, no matter who "won" the wars!).Lincoln the great emancipator???I
have no purpose, directly or indirectly,
government - at full face value... plus interest! The government (or
actually the American citizenry) is then in "debt" to the Federal
Reserve, and is obligated to payback the full amount supposedly
"borrowed", plus the interest!The information in this book is incredible. Seems outlandish but I have to admit, it fits with the goings of late.

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